Revocation of Article 370: A turnover in Kashmir

Sakshi Saranya Rout
KIIT Law School, Bhubaneswar, India

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

Kashmir has been talk of an hour from the very beginning and in next 5 years also it shall prevail as the centre of epitome for sure. But even being the most talkative topic Kashmir and its people stay behind the wall and do not get to enjoy their basic rights.

This particular paper analyses certain specific provisions i.e., Article 370 and 35 (A), revocation of both the provisions has created a situation full of risk and the real voice of the people from Kashmir remains unheard. The paper has tried to become a source and has tried to reveal all the genuine facts.

The highlighting point of the research is whether such a change for Kashmir is feasible at this point of time. Basically the normal citizens including the politicians, civilians, journalists, etc in Kashmir are facing a lot of challenges and difficulties. To overcome such a phase many people are working thoroughly to come up with certain solutions to make a smooth flow.

This paper moreover talks about how the real fact gets filtered every time before reaching its prior source. Everything is corrupted to another level and nothing genuine is received by the general public, where as the people of Kashmir are totally dependent on the national media.

The conclusive part of the paper reviews about the situation of Kashmir after one year of revocation of Article 370 from the Indian Constitution. It clearly says their struggle is still the same. With the cases of corona virus rising Kashmir is failing to provide proper facilities to its citizens. Not totally substituting the scenario but if adequate and proper amount of steps are adopted then life of the people can get back to normalcy.


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