Theoretical View over the Conflict between the Extra Territorial Power and Public Opinion 

Srinivasa Sathyanarayanan S
SRM School of Law, India

Volume III – Issue II, 2021

Extraterritorial sovereignty is followed in various conditions and situations as the nations and the states are in a position and interest to annex and get privileges through unconventional methods. Though the international law states the activity as a legitimate one subject to the restriction of the law imposed, the researchers and scholars call it a strategic method of escapism from liability from the acts. The act of extraterritorial privilege also needs certain procedural movements and situations to be made before using the whole of the sovereign power. The act of extraterritorial power can cause conflicts and consequences in which the state as the lead actor will try to have an upper hand to promote its national interest. The act of extraterritorial usage has its veracity even before the proper formation and recognition of states as a political regime. And the extraterritorial power is well defined in each of the cases about the treaties and agreements signed and the national interest of the particular nation comes with a peculiar specification in each case of signing a treaty. In some cases, the benefactor or high-rise countries will try to impose their extraterritorial power with the help of the other state actors.

These non-state actors will assist the nation-states in creating a new order of governance and colonialization. The aftermath of the treaty was always considered to be a conflict that will induce a rise in tension between the sovereign actors. The methods and time period of the use of the extraterritorial sovereign power are important when it comes to controlling the other nations. The history as always proves and gives various instances about the leader’s psychological profile and their modus operandi in trying to expand their territorial sovereignty through extraterritorial means. The paper talks about the situation where the conflict between the extra territorial power and public opinion is weighed in different periods of time. The main aim is to emphasis on the public interest where the sovereign is considered to be an important state element due to its subjectivity to the people and government. Such sovereign power is gambled and under influenced behind the curtain of the public democracy.

Keywords: extra territorial power, extra territorial sovereignty, unequal treaties, public interest, power player nations, extra territorial sovereign


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