Pandemic: Analysis of Breach of Contracts and Performance of Sale Agreements: An Indian Perspective

Jeeva Dharshini. R , Kaarthik Balaji V.G 
VIT Chennai, India.
Dr. L.R.K. Krishnan
Professor, VIT Chennai, India.

Volume III – Issue I, 2021

The pandemic has interrupted our personal, financial and commercial transactions, by preventing the execution of normal activities even have the consequence on performance of contracts. Various terms and conditions were breached and terminated owing to the lockdown with strict rules and regulations all over India. It also led to frustration among the people who are held up with their cases in courts. Several studies and observations have been made to deal with the subject matter of the sale agreement cases. This is a non-doctrinal research which mainly focuses on pending case of District court of Kanchipuram and the judgement given by the judiciary in relevant cases which includes the equitable remedies namely specific performance, injunction that are available for the aggrieved party.

Keywords: Performance of contract, breach, terminated, sale agreement, equitable remedies, specific performance, Injunction.


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