Importance of ADR Mechanism

Mayank Kumar Pandey
KIIT University (School of Law), India.

Volume III – Issue I, 2021

This paper is a short prologue to ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) measures and their central standards. The prime purpose of this article is to make you understand in a very simple but effective way about the ADR and its mechanisms, how it works, about its applicability and the various different types options into it and how they function. It will let you know about the importance of the ADR that how pivotal role it plays in a vast paradigm and widely spread in the society and being quite famous in between people due to some of its highlighted features like a way to make a peaceful settlement additionally which saves the precious time and also reduces cost of both the parties and make all of them comfortable without any complicated long process of trial courts. This article has talked about its origin and how it got developed in the context of India, then further it will let you grasp your knowledge about different alternatives of ADR and how they are different from each other. Afterwards it will let you know about so many perks of it and some downside as well. It’s an attempt to grasp your knowledge on this topic from every possible aspect and it will help you build your conceptual clarity..


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