Judicial Response towards Right to Privacy and Freedom of Press

Shefali Parashar
LL.M in Crime and Security Laws, Raksha Shakti University, Gujarat, India

Volume II – Issue II, 2020

Indian Constitution provides every citizen freedom of press and right to privacy but why till date freedom of press is considered as  a havoc in the society, in this paper the research would like to emphasis on a landmark case of Indian Constitution and I.T Act case of Shreya Singhal Case which gave us the new meaning of the Right to Privacy, Freedom of Press and struck down Section 66(A) of Information Technology Act 2000. The paper also incorporates various other cases in which freedom of press and right to privacy are challenged, what where the judgements given by the courts and what was the role of the Information Technology Act 2000, in the judicial response for freedom of press and right to privacy.

Keywords: Freedom of Press and Right to Privacy, Indian Constitution, Information Technology Act 2000.


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