Separation of Powers: A Comparative Study under India, UK and USA Constitution

Munireddygari Latha Pravalika
School of Law, SASTRA Deemed To Be University, Thanjavur, India.

Volume III – Issue II, 2021

India has its written Consitution, it is said to be lengthy. It is a Holy text to the Citizens of India. The Constitution entails Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties in Part III and Part IV respectively. The Constitution has recognized the separation of powers as part of it. ‘Separation of Powers’ is a basic principle where powers and responsibilities are divided among the executive, legislative and judicial branches. The author attempted to analyze the doctrine of Separation of Powers as envisaged under the Constitution of India and also the author would like to demonstrate the difficulties faced by the three wings of the government in practice while implementing the provisions of the Constitution. The author also draws a comparative analysis with the Indian, US(the United States of America), UK(United Kingdom) Constitutions regarding the scheme of Separation of Powers.

Keywords: Separation of powers; Executive; Legislative; Judiciary; Constitution of India


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