Sustainability of Environment in the Era of Technology

Nikhila P.P.
Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Kannur University, India.

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

However coarse it may be development of technology is interrelated with the development of mankind in real life like the invention of mode of transport through land and water. From stone to arrow development of mankind is the development of technology.

Till recently all the technological development has not adversely affected the environment and the bio diversity of the world. Technological development only helped to upkeep the biodiversity.

“Technology can be most broadly defined as the entities, both material and immaterial, created by the application of mental and physical effort in order to achieve some value. In this usage, technology refers to tools and machines that may be used to solve real-world problems.”

In the above definition of technology, it is for the solution for world problems that existed to overcome. But in real life technological advancement poses a great threat to the very existence of the mother the earth. The dilemma of technology to protect environment and destruction of environment is worth to study.

Modern technological development is on geometric ratio. Its nonstop race harms the environment in multiple ways. The great concern is the waste created by the development, especially in electronic and communication field. We must remember that we are living in this mother the earth as guests. We must one day leave this world leaving behind it for our successors. Can we leave the world as it existed when we took the same?

 We cannot ignore the fact that the mother earth has its own characteristics and it should be preserved or else the earth will perish. No doubt that nothing in this universe will remain as such for long. But we fear that the destruction of earth in the name of development will destroy the world soon. Forest, river, arctic region, sea and mountain all are to be there for the very existence of the earth. Carbon emission the demon of the technological development poses a huge threat to the biodiversity of the earth.

Whatever may be the reason climate change is of great concern of the day. It may be due to the change of course of earth. Technological development helped us to monitor the change in climate.

Earth has to be preserved as it is now. Electronic waste and other non degradable waste produced by chemical factories pose great threat to the environment. Technology has to be developed to resolve the problem of non sustainable products. Decay is the order of the earth. It should be preserved or else we all will perish. Let the technologic strive hard to resolve this problem.


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