An Analysis of the Working of UNs World Food Programme in Alleviating Hunger during Covid-19

Ankana Bal
Assistant Professor in Law Amity Law School, New Delhi, India.

Volume III – Issue I, 2021

The World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian organisation addressing hunger and promoting food security. It won Nobel peace prize for 2020. The award was the recognition for its efforts to combat hunger, for its contribution to bettering conditions for peace in conflict-affected areas and for acting as a driving force in efforts to prevent the use of hunger as a weapon of war and conflict. The coronavirus pandemic has contributed to a strong upsurge in the number of victims of hunger in the world. In countries such as Yemen, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, South Sudan and Burkina Faso, the combination of violent conflict and the pandemic has led to a dramatic rise in the number of people living on the brink of starvation. In the face of the pandemic, the World Food Programme has demonstrated an impressive ability to intensify its efforts. It the light of the event, the researcher tries to analyse the activities and the measures that has taken up by World Food Programme to reduce increasing rate of hunger during pandemic.


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