Necrophilia Legal Perspective

Neelakshi Bhaskar
Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, India

Volume II – Issue II, 2020

Necrophilia is attraction towards dead whether sexual or asexual and this is not a usual or customary practice but is a paraphilic disease. Humans and animals both could be affected by Psychological and Psychiatric conditions which can lead to paraphilic diseases like necrophilia. The author has attempted to use qualitative methodology to understand variations of necrophilia which were defined by Dr. Anil Agarwal so as to improve medical science and for evolution of better treatment but the author found that corresponding laws in India are not such that which could effectively protect dignity of the dead and punish the offenders who are not likely to suffer from any disease rather just acting as opportunistic. Necrophilia can also result in several other sexual diseases which could not only affect the person in direct contact with the dead but also other persons who are sexually connected to the person suffering from necrophilia. The studies of various researchers and the previous cases shows us the changing mindset of necrophiliacs due to social, economic and other factors but has failed to come to a proper solution that too because of the no meeting point of the medical science and law. So, further the author has tried to use quantitative methodology to suggest some solutions to improve the legal perspective towards necrophilia. Modifications and drafting of new provisions are required from time to time but the slighter knowledge of this issue and less care towards this issue would cause serious harms in future, that is why the author has attempted to study all the factors and comparative laws of different countries by mixed method methodology to propose some of the changes required in Indian laws.

Keywords: Necrophilia, types of necrophilia, Love for dead, Liability for Necrophilia, crimes against dead.


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