Labour and Employment Law: A Requisite in India

Kunj Bhagat
Lloyd Law College, India.

Volume II – Issue III, 2020

Labour laws are the one dealing with employment in any organization. Those laws address the various administrative rulings and procedure to be followed to be made and legal rights. Labour and Employment laws are the laws framed by the respective government for protecting the economic and social interest of the working class. By analysing this writing, we can readily comprehend, why the labour and employment laws are needed, how they derive their origin from the Constitution of India keeping in line with “Fundamental rights  and Directive principles of state policy ”. This paper also throws light on “Industrial Disputes Act 1947″ and the plight of workers during COVID-19.

Keywords: Constitution of India, Directive principles of state policy (DPSP), Industrial Disputes Act 1947, Covid-19.


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