Coparcenary: Position of Daughter

Tanya Gupta
Ideal Institute of Management and Technology and School of Law, India.

Volume III – Issue I, 2021

In this paper the author focuses on the origin of term ‘Hindu’ and the types of Hindu School. The paper further throw some light on the concept of coparcenary and how it is different in Mitakshara school from Dayabhaga school. The paper also cover the concept of “who can be the coparcener” and further discusses the difference of the position of daughter in Pre-Amendment Hindu (Amendment) Act, 2005. To study this, the author has focused on Section 6(1), Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005 and have discussed if the Section 6, Amendment Act 2005 is prospective, retrospective or retroactive in nature. To clear the nature of Section 6, Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act,2005 the paper also throws some light on judicial opinion regarding the same.

Keywords: Hindu, Types of Hindu Law, Coparcenary, Position of Daughter, Pre and Post (Amendment) Hindu Succession Act,2005


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