Software Patent: An Overview and Drafting Guideline

Sneha Khandelwal
University Of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, India.

Volume II – Issue III, 2020

Patents are intended to protect and encourage creativity and innovation. Computer patenting or Software patenting is a promising field because top IT (Internet Technology) companies depend on software patents to protect their products. However, the drafting of software patents is a fairly unknown area. What a new patent attorney or patent agent needs to know is how to make a software patent application. This skill can indeed be extremely useful for inventors, especially significant inventors who are likely to have more than one invention, as well as professional, corporate inventors who work for companies that pay them to invent. While the inventors may reach to patent practitioners but the goals are the same i.e. the perfect way to write a patent application that usefully describes the boundaries of the invention. This paper addresses the questions on “How to become a patent researcher i.e. what information to collect to become a software patent” or “How to draft a software patent application” along with the position of software patent in India. This paper includes the basic skills required to become a patent researcher and moreabouts of software patent.

Keywords: patents, software patenting, corporate inventors, patent attorney.


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