Internet Service Providers and Copyright Protection

Palomita Sharma
Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, India

Volume III – Issue II, 2021

The world today is advancing at an extremely fast pace where each individual is connected to the other-even-after sitting far across the globe through the internet. It is a commendable channel which is being used to exchange information and has become a medium of interaction between common public and copyright owners. With the spread of such a medium, there arose liabilities on the internet to attain various implications with respect to copyright law which will take it beyond the widespread reach of data to an infringement of such ownership in an instance. There was an urgent task at hand for the lawmakers globally to form a regime of liabilities  which fits all the criterions of internet to avoid any such infringement.

Since the introduction and advent of the concept of a global networking system “World Wide Web”, there has been a significant increase in controversial matters and spread of tensions across the globe. The Cyberspace suddenly became a whole matrix of opportunities, convenience, advantages which gave huge utility to the people but also, posed an instant threat of various kinds of liabilities on these people along with the service providers incharge for the provision of such networking systems. Such liabilities have become a big issue for various governments across the globe considering the introduction of a new criminal space to be taken care of along with other aligned liabilities put down on the Internet Service Providers. The internet is basically a whole network of various packet software applications brought in together and placed under protocols known as Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol (hereinafter as TCP or IP).


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