Study of Trade Secret Laws in India in Comparison to United States

Juhi Saxena
Asst Professor at Amity Law School, Amity University, Lucknow, India.

Volume III – Issue II, 2021

In the present scenario trade secrets protection is prime to encourage innovative steps, foreign investment and to promote healthy competition. Trade secrets give the commerce a spirited edge over the competitors and thus one must make sure that he adequately protects his business-related confidential information from his competitor. Trade secret as a new form of Intellectual Property could be very substantial and it is garnering wide significance because in the era of globalization, failure or success of any company depends on its secrets allow them to be policies related secrets or information of their clients. Through this paper, the author has tried to put an effort to highlight the Trade Secrets laws protected in India and deficiency of Indian Laws with respect of Trade Secrets laws governing in United States.


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