Regulation of Media and Freedom of Expression

Prabhat Singh
National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam, India.

Volume III – Issue I, 2021

Media, the fourth estate, is a vital part of the Indian democracy. The role of media is not restricted to just traditional reporting and publishing. It has now spread its wings and grown into a mechanism that generates public opinion, or rather, manipulates it. The focus of this paper is on tracing the path treaded by the media in India over the years and delivering a theoretical understanding of the same with reference to its underlying jurisprudence and other myriad aspects. It covers the development, nature, impact and influence of media over the life of common man. The part that the government ought to play in balancing the rights and duties is also discussed herein. Another aspect that has been incorporated in this study is that of the varying standards of morality in the light of the development of media. Also included in this study, is the importance of having a more stringent system of laws regarding right to privacy, given the increasing interference of the media in the personal and private matters of persons, which has urged the need for more effective privacy laws. The crux of this paper is that attached with the powers bestowed on the media, is a tremendous load of responsibility. Striking a balance between the limits acceptable to the society and bringing out the right matter at the right time is indeed the need of the hour.


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