Online Contracts: Torch Bearer of Digital India

LL.M (Corporate Law), Sharda University, India.

Volume III – Issue I, 2021

Today with huge development in the field of computer technology, communication technology, IT sector have raised living standard of every individual immensely. There no longer limitation of time and geography in doing business. Dispatchment of information even goods and service are more rapid than ever before. E-commerce has provided with new speed to the business that a no longer requires physical presence of two parties at the time of contracting. Last decade is an evidence to the fact that E-commerce and E-contract has become part of our daily lives. Online contracting has blended so well with our daily life that an user get into a contract many times in a day from booking cabs or making transactions via Paytm or various similar platforms. E-commerce and E-contract offers flexibility to ease of business in terms of place, time, space, distance and payment method. The E-contract means buying and selling of product, goods and services through computer or internet network.

It is means of doing business electronically usually by the means of internet. It is the tool that leads to ‘enterprise integration’. With the rapid growth of E-commerce, there is a huge uprise in the use of E-contract. Keeping this growth in mind there are certain questions posed by E-contract. This article undertakes an endeavor to answer these questions.


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