Abortion Laws: Role of NGO’s in Strengthening Communities and Providing Related Services

Kritika Seth and Sakshi Kothari
Amity University, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Volume III – Issue I, 2021

The paper explores the role of NGOs in India and looking ahead for the policies to be implemented effectively, commitment in terms of suitable resource allocation, training and infrastructure support, go along with social inputs based on women’s needs. The paramount aim is to provide all women with standard abortion care, easy accessibility, and affordability to safe abortion services. The place of living as rural-urban differences regulates women’s thinking.

Notwithstanding the legislation of abortion in India, mortality continues to remain a difficult problem for a majority of women undergoing abortions. This paper reveals the poor awareness of laws, higher fees unnecessary consent of the spouse. There is a need to untangle registration procedures, and also linking policy with up-to-date technology, one quite possible scenario is that the considerably lower rate would diffuse the intensity of abortion which guaranteed by law. It shows the difference in the number of abortions and number of deaths because of abortion in rural areas and urban areas annually, which ultimately shows the need for awareness related to abortion laws in our country, in which we are lacking so much due to which females of our country have to suffer from it for their whole life.

Keywords: explore, NGO’s, standard, Abortion, Females, Awareness, Accessibility, Affordability.


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