Critical Analysis of “Class-Action” Tort

Swarnim Sharan
Symbiosis Law School Hyderabad, India

Volume III – Issue II, 2021

“Class-action suits”, first implemented in the United States was the idea of class action in 1938. “Class Action” is essentially a kind of litigation in which a large number of individuals, by a lawyer, put a claim together to the court. ‘A class action suit is typically brought in cases with the same or related injury to a group of persons. Many of the injuries sustained by the person was also relatively minor, so they could not seek legal remedy themselves’. Together, however, the additional value of the class claims leads to consolidating lawyers, facts, plaintiffs and certain other facets of the trial. The famous case of “Union Carbide Corporation vs Union Of India” the incident It happened at midnight, December 2, 1984, by the escape of toxic chemical fumes there was a major manufacturing tragedy in the appellant’s factory and it took an urgent toil of 2600 human lives to leave. Thousands of innocent people physically living in Bhopal Affected in different forms. The infected and injured people put their claim together in the court and Union Carbide Corporation was held guilty.


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