Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Organizational Performance

Yashi Mittal and Evlyn Nisha
LLM Student at Christ University, India

Volume III – Issue II, 2021

The study aims to bring out the role of corporate social responsibility in organizational performance and the effectiveness of the company. Areas like the relationship between both CSR and the organizational behaviour of the company have been highlighted with the prime objective to show the nexus between both. It is necessary to point out the nexus between CSR and the company because the behaviour of the company should not affect the environment or society in such a way to cause permanent damage. Laws and regulations have been made to ensure that the companies are following them, in order to present a sustainable environment for the future generations. The next main objective is to indicate the strength of Corporate Social Responsibility on the growth and evolution of the companies. This study further has emphasized on the facets where CSR has helped in the development of the company. Few of the recognized facets in this research paper are brand reputation, impact of laws and regulations, employee retention, human interest, social awareness and education. This study not only emphasizes on establishing the nexus between CSR and organizational behaviour of the company but also puts down the various responsibilities that a company should take care of for the wellbeing of the social and environmental aspects. Adding to the responsibilities, the authors have incorporated instances where there has been violation of Corporate Social Responsibility regulations.


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