Role of International Institutions in Combatting Environmental Degradation

Bharti Sharma, Anirudh Gogoi and Avinash Maldhiyar
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, India

Volume III – Issue II, 2021

Ever since the advent of industrial revolution back in the 1700s, a new plague took birth in the form of environmental degradation which was a byproduct of the industrial revolution. Over the last few centuries environmental degradation has multiplied at an alarming rate and humans are almost at the point of no return. Humanity is at a pivotal point as the issue of environmental degradation affects every living being on this planet equally. There are four primary impact points when it comes to industrialisation — air, water, soil and habitat. Human activity is the root cause of environmental degradation. Every country is working towards achieving a solution which would facilitate environment protection. Sustainable development is said to be the guiding principle of countries to prevent further environmental degradation. The subject of environmental degradation is at the forefront of global debate. Various institutions across the globe have either been tasked or taken it upon themselves to tackle this ever-growing complication. With the advancement in modern technology and understanding of the environment, efforts in various spheres are being made globally to curb this vital issue. It has been noticeable in the past few decades, governments across the globe are placing more significance on uncompromising environmental laws and its stringent enforcement to ensure preservation of the environment and its sustainable development. This research paper aimed to apply Doctrinal legal research method and focus of this research paper is to delve into such measures and laws primarily dealing with environmental degradation- I.e., environmental laws across the globe and to determine whether the existing environmental laws are adequate to combat environmental degradation; and if not, what can be done to further strengthen such laws.

Keywords: Environmental degradation, Environmental laws, International institutions, Industrial Revolution, Sustainable Development


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