Counterfeiting and Black Marketing of Essential Life Saving Drugs amidst the Crisis

Binoosha Benoy K
Government Law College Ernakulam, India

Volume III – Issue II, 2021

Expanding accessibility of essential drugs is fundamental to the effort to lessen global morbidity and mortality. Throughout the world, every nation is a sufferer of low quality or bogus drugs.  Failure to look into superior manufacturing practices steers the supply and distribution of substandard medicines, while falsification of drugs has its origins in crime and corruption. Both kinds of drugs spread about due to the unreliable supply and continuous need for medicines and infirmity of the regulatory authorities. An incorrect or insufficient understanding of the issue, among health care professionals and the society, also further worsen the matter. Almost all counterfeit drugs are bought by the people unwittingly, since distinguishing counterfeit drugs is hard, even for health care executives.  The aim of this article was to study into the large range of low grade drugs, the recent rise in issues regarding counterfeiting and black marketing of medicines and the preventive actions or steps adopted by the Indian pharmaceutical regulatory authority regarding the same. It is very much necessary to initiate measures to deter such unethical people who indulge in black marketing of these life-saving drugs. In India, there are certain legislations that are already in existence to tackle the issue, for protecting and promoting the public health but these need stricter implementation and monitoring.


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