Trial by Media

Chintan Praful Pasad
University of Mumbai Law Academy, India.

Volume II – Issue III, 2020

Media be it press, digital or electronic has created a far reach. Accessible in various dialects and moved through various mediums, with the rising mindfulness among citizens, media is developing into a major business. The media has the power to educate and mould a person’s perspective in relation to affairs going in the country. Such power should not be misused by presenting any news, which is likely to imperil or jeopardise the principal interests of the state or any rights of the citizen. As Freedom of Press comes along with the people’s right to know, it has to be the duty of media platforms to provide comprehensive and objective reports and publications to the citizens circling issues of country’s politics, social and cultural life. With great power comes great responsibility

Media Trial portrays the effect of newspaper and television on an individual’s reputation by making a broad view of blame regardless of any decision in a courtroom. It is critical to comprehend limitations forced on Media broadcasting and announcing, adjusting the Right to Free Speech while not abusing the fair treatment of law. All media must follow a specific set of principles to accomplish proficient norm and to work under moral standards.


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