The Big Data and Right to Privacy Conundrum

Nikita Das
Privacy Counsel, Cognizant Technology Solutions, India

Volume II – Issue II, 2020

“Big data” refers to the innovative manner in which private and public bodies, involve variety of data collected digitally from various sources and use to predict human behaviour or to study the relations between the data. While these Big data algorithms provides significant benefits economically, it also involves a lot of privacy concerns for individuals. This paper will study the concept of Big data in detail in context of its relationship with privacy of individuals. Largely, organisations collect and process huge volume of personal data which they benefit from and which implies that these entities, in the absence of specified regulations control the social order and intend to turn into a digitally dictatorship society. Moreover, it will focus on the constitutional provisions that governs such algorithmic analysis with respect to data privacy. In addition, it will be comparing laws of global jurisdictions to understand their approach in the context of regulating the Big data analysis and conclude by suggesting a reasonable approach that can be taken by the government body to ensure protection of privacy of individuals in this evolving digital world.

Keywords: Big Data, Data Privacy, Artificial Intelligence, Digital


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