Constitutional Amendment: A Critical Analysis

Prithivi Raj
Assistant Professor of Law, ICFAI University, Himachal Pradesh, India.
Murtaza S. Noorani
LL.M, A.K.K. New Law Academy, Pune, India.

Volume II – Issue III, 2020

Constitution is an ever changing document. It should grow along as the nation transforms and should suit the ever growing needs and conditions of a on the rise and changing society. It happens under the brunt of new and dominant social and economic pressures, the government needs to bring some necessary changes. If the Constitution acts as a hindrance for accepting such desirable and necessary changes it will not under immense pressure sustain itself. A Constitution, as such, cannot have any claim to permanence, nor should it, because it has been adopted and has been working ever since, claim absolute sanctity. The authors will critically analyze the basic structure doctrine and like other safeguards in other countries to protect the essence of the Constitution. The Authors in this article will understand the problems from various perspectives keeping in mind the diverse nature of stake holders affected from an amendment. The Authors will ry to suggest and get on to cogent solution to encounter the problem affiliated with the amendment and its tedious process.


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