A Critical Study on Cyber Terrorism and Its Interrelationship with Cyber Security

Navdha Maheshwari
NMIMS Mumbai, India

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

There have been various occasions of Cyber Terrorism in the previous decade. The activities of cyber Terrorism involve destruction to the protected critical computer system which has sensitive information that of the national interest, etc., which are controlled by operating computer systems. In regard to the expanding number and victory of cyber-attacks, cyber security is the cornerstone of national security. The rapidly increasing growth in digital payments in our country and the thrust towards a cashless economy has resumed center of attention on the necessity to strengthen and boost financial cyber security. The most strenuous dare in cyber security is the constantly expanding nature of security threats. Cyber terrorists can deteriorate the economy of the nation by castigating the critical infrastructure in the advanced and big towns, such as electricity and water supply. It is necessary for India to take certain steps to counter the menace of cyber terrorism. Violations of cyber security have become a day-to-day affair. As violations and contraventions start to directly affect the bottom line and is becoming common with every passing day, cyber security has come out as a serious concern. By introducing sections 66F, 70, 70A and 70B, the legislators have applied-in the most important missing links in the legislative machinery. Cyber terrorism is actuality and so is the case with cyber security. If cyber terrorism is to be defeated, one requires the latter. However, the absence of comprehensiveness in law needs to be resolved with utmost importance.


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