Forensic Evidence and Their Admissibility

Nisha Kumari
ICFAI University, Dehradun, India.

Volume II – Issue II, 2020

Crimes has become a part of everyday matter in our society. Various steps are taken by the respective authorities to stop these increasing crimes. These steps are mostly followed through legislation, statues and other guidelines. With the advancing society, the ways of doing crimes has also been changing and to counter these changing ways the courts has to adopt various different types of new reliable sources. These sources mostly act as the evidences in the court proceedings. The process includes initiating the court proceedings, its interim proceedings and the final judgment. Scientific technology has affecting our daily life and same is the case with judiciary also. These type of evidences plays an important part in court proceedings as they give accurate results. The research paper has been made with the aim to study about the forensic evidences and their admissibility in the court proceedings.


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