China – Definitive Anti-Dumping Duties on X-Ray Security Inspection Equipment from the European Union (WTDS425R)

Diksha Mishra
Assistant Professor of Law, School of Law, Presidency University, Yelhanaka, Bengaluru, India

Volume II – Issue II, 2020

Dumping has been recognized as the policy that has to be condemned.  It has been referred by the economists, ‘as price discrimination between national markets’, a definition first proposed by Viner. The much needed legal framework and legally acceptable definition has been provided by GATT 1994. Article VI of GATT 1994 condemns dumping in express terms, ‘[T]he contracting party recognize that dumping, by which products of one country are introduced into the commerce of other country at less than the normal value of the products, is to be condemned if it causes or threatens material injury to an established industry in the territory of a contracting party or materially retards the establishment of a domestic industry.’. Under GATT rules, a product is considered to be dumped if its export price was lower than its normal value.


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