“It’s unrealistic but relatable enough!”: Internet Memes and Communication

Tammana Bahl and Jaya Kumari
Alliance University, School of Law, India

Volume II – Issue II, 2020

The onset of the millennial era is known to mark the beginning of meme culture over all sorts of media particularly internet. Hence, this project work is an attempt to analyze and understand the process creation, impact on public, transmission, beneficiaries and stakeholders affected by memes and its communications. The aim of this project work is to understand how memes affect human mind and how they can help to bring social reforms, modern solutions for modern problems; also, it shall help us understand relatable law and how creativity and humor can grab public attention and serve as effective method of communications.

The project work is sub-divided into five categories namely movies and shows, cartoons, politicians, celebrities, situations and material: which serve as the fuel for the creation of memes that are considered the primary source of entertainment for young adults.

Wide range of social-media platforms such as facebook, instagram etc were used to facilitate the research project. Online websites “Survey monkey and Google forms” were used to conduct survey and to gain deeper knowledge of the effect of memes on human minds. A combination of doctrinal and non-doctrinal research methodology, including both primary and secondary sources of data collection, being used to conduct the research.


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