Youth and Substance Use

Vidhi Chouradia
National Law University, Nagpur, India

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

Substance us has become persistent, worsening disorganization in which uncontrollable substance searching and substance taking role endures even though the consequences are negative Substance use has been impacting the youth and the adolescent in a negative way which is affecting both physical and mental health. Substance use can be prevented and can be controlled. Substance use are the drugs which are not usually prescribed for human utilization. Substance abuse has been creating panic causing disturbances among the families, who are victims of drug abuse. In today’s world use of substance has become a social culture in the society, so the youth or the adolescent years the generation – refuse to be left out. Youth of the country are the future, so the youth has the biggest responsibility and to save the country, one what is to end the illicit use of drugs among the youth and adolescent age.


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