Mizo Traditional Cloth (Puan) and Protection through Geographical Indication

Irwin L.Hnamte
Assistant Professor,
Law Centre II, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, India.

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

Geographical Indications or simply GIs has emerged as an important instrument of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection in India. GI literally means an ‘indication that particular good/s originate from a country having special features, qualities or reputation which can be attributed only to the place from which it originated.’ Geographical Indication protects the goodwill and reputation of a product thereby creating opportunities for growth. The Mizo puan is the most important handloom product for many centuries; it is worn in all their important festive occasions and celebrations even today, and is most sought after for their ethnic variation and use of colour, and motif in their weaving. The grant of geographical indication to such indigenous product not only protects the community from any external exploitation but the reputation that a product gains through a geographical indication creates opportunities for its growth. The primary objective of this paper is to highlight the importance of the benefit of Geographical Indication protection granted to five of Mizos famous and celebrated cloth (or puan).


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