Organ Trafficking

Nikita Bansal
Jamnalal Bajaj School of Legal Studies, Banasthali Vidyapith, India.

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

There are so many laws which tend to curb the illegal trade in organs but still the practice is very common and it is still going on. The organ and transplantation Act 1994 which aimed at banning or putting a bar on commercial transplantations has not been much progressed this is mainly due to unbalanced donors and recipient ratio. The recipient ratio is comparatively very high whereas there is shortage of donors. The main victims are the poorer sections of the society, victims of human trafficking, who are exploited due to lack of resources and they are not even paid for the same and also the people who are unaware of the post health problems. This is one of the biggest challenges which needs to be solved and to be looked upon and the laws regarding organ transplant should be more tightened and has to be looked and worked upon.


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