Lawyer-Client Privilege Communication in India: A Critical Analysis

Atishay Tripathi
Amity law school, Jharkhand, Ranchi, India

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

The paper is about the lawyer client privilege and it includes the introduction that contains the varied meaning of the topic and various rules, regulations and the laws that are governed over the topic. The communication between a lawyer and the client must be private and kept safe, it includes the importance of this communication, the characteristics, the general rules about how a lawyer must assist and communicate with his/her client in a prescribed manner. The laws in Indian Evidence Act of 1872, Advocates Act of 1961 and Bar council of India rules related to the topic of lawyer client privilege. About how and when does a lawyer client privilege communication gets waived, the exceptions that are in the topic. Lawyer client privilege communications that are in other countries as well such as Europe, United Kingdom and Vietnam with case laws included and conclusion at the end.


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