Do Men have Reproductive Rights

R. Preethi Rani
Government Law College, Tirunelveli, India.

Volume II – Issue III, 2020

The three laws that are aimed at empowering the women’s right to reproduction are the Assisted Reproductive Technology Regulation Bill, 2020, the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2020 and the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Bill, 2020 . The reproductive rights of women are already well established by the Hon’ble Supreme Court while deciding several cases. But what about the reproductive rights of men? In this backdrop, this article analyses a peculiar case that is pending before the Aurangabad Bench of Bombay High Court. This case involves the confliction of rights between husband and wife regarding reproduction. As their relationship was estranged, they no longer live together. So, the wife desires to have a baby by In Virto Fertilization (IVF) using her husband’s sperm but her husband refuses to accord for donating his sperm for the IVF process as he has already applied for divorce from his wife.


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