Is Marriage with Rapist, a Solution to Lost Honour?

Kushi Rajanahalli
Symbiosis Law School, Pune, India

Volume III – Issue II, 2021

Rape and sexual violence exist in almost all the societies and culture. These offences are not limited to a particular country or a society, it is prevalent around the world and these incidents are increasing globally. Rape and sexual assault are heinous crimes and, offences such as that cannot be overlooked. The criminal’s conduct can’t be pardoned or absolved without punishment and the victim’s marriage with the rapist is definitely not a solution to the issue. This research paper throws light on the concept, is marriage with rapist a solution or punishment to the victim. Laws related to rape around the world has been discussed along with the evolution of rape laws. In furtherance of the research paper transformation in the social perspective has also been studied. Finally, the research paper ends with the concluding remarks.

Keywords – Rape, Sexual Violence, Rape Victims, Compromise, Marriage, Victim psychology, POCSO.


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