Mishandling and Misleading of cases by Police

Garima Jargar
Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur, India.

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

Law enforced and execution of policies, all are implemented to follow specified set of rules and regulation which has been embedded for the general public, includes various type of departments governed under States and Tiers of government. Public servants which are assigned duty for the protection of the general public enjoy all level of statutory as well as administrative powers which are vested in their hands but as per the guideline if this possession over power and authority crosses the limit which was specified by the state then it will be termed as misuse or misapplication of policies. This power crosses the given and prescribed limit then it becomes the barrier towards the treatment within the society, several judgments were inscribed by the Apex Court which restricts the misuse of power which was specified between the society and working of government as enforced criminal offense. The main motive is to highlight the assurance for the security by police without having any absolute possession over the population and the foremost purpose for disclosure of this subject matter is to investigate the cases without having any type of threat or coercion which ultimately cause misguiding of the formal examination of the case. Basic principles that should mandatorily be followed by the public servant i.e. police are – free & equal treatment towards everyone without cruelty and inhuman behaviour moreover all the objective will be elaborated under the misconduct of enhancement. Proper safeguard of the rights is essential to prevent the economy from collapse and malfunction of the communities, if the power will not be confined then it will be having an immense impact over the territory.

Keywords – Law enforcement, Public servants, and Malfunction.


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