Child Prostitution- A Critical Social Issue

Aditya Vikram Banka and Mohit Chamaria
Amity University, Kolkata, India

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

It is assessed that there are in excess of 3,000,000 minors who feed prostitution systems. This inexorably rewarding wonder is getting always across the board. So basically Prostitution is the practice of engaging in indiscriminate sexual activity generally with a person who is not a spouse or a friend, technically in exchange of immediate payment or any other valuables. The nature is not dependent on any gender, it could be Male, Female or a Transgender. But historically it has been noticed that many prostitutes have been women and most client men.

Not only adults but due to lack of sensitivity and not being given adequate attention, Child Prostitution has become one of the significant global issue It is an old wonder, which denies offspring of their adolescence, human rights and poise Child Trafficking is one of the common types of Child Prostitution. A proper law should be framed for Child abuse and Child Prostitution and also for similar issues like Child trafficking and Child Pornography. Such law should focus on punishing the culprit instead of harassing the victim. My article mainly focuses on the magnitude of Child Prostitution and to identify the causes and outcome danger faced by the Child at such a tender age. Strategies needs to be developed to rescue child prostitutes from on job-violence and to conduct a rehab program for those interested to abort prostitution along with strong efforts to curtail into prostitution. Although several measures and acts have been passed by the legislators to eradicate child abuse. But still it has been emerging as a global issue in our country even though there are many steps taken by the appropriate government to end Child Prostitution.


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