A New Front in Infringement War Cyber Squatting

Shriya Chakka
National Law University, Visakhapatanam (DSNLU), India.

Volume II – Issue II, 2020

The Internet is the most powerful network as it has the connectivity capacity at a towering speed and the main application of the Internet is e-commerce. As Internet grows, several legal issues arise.  A business name is identified through a domain name in the Internet, which is generally the trademark of an existing business. A domain name is part of the address, which is assigned to each and every service on the Internet. An illegal usage of this domain name is called as Cybersquatting.

This paper has varied aims, which have been discussed separately in several heads: Firstly, the main aim of this paper is to analyze the infringement in the internet realm; Secondly, to show the inter-relation between the IP law (trademark) and the Cybersquatting; Thirdly, what are the various classifications of cybersquatting; Fourthly, what is the governing law and the legal pattern of the cybersquatting; Fifthly, what is the policy adopted for resolving cybersquatting; Sixthly, what are the three essential ingredients and the procedure of mandatory proceedings; Lastly it ends with the suggestions in the legal regime and the conclusion.


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