A Path of Bringing Positive Change in the Post Covid-19 Era: Emphasis on Sustainable Environment and Growth in Economy

Kaushiki Keshari
ICFAI Law School Dehradun, India.
Sonalika Gupta
Amity Law School, Lucknow, India.

Volume II – Issue II, 2020

The pandemic is a crisis that has affected every part of the world. The outbreak of virus has already caused unprecedented destructions of nature by human activity. Various webinars, articles, research papers has been published by focusing the problems faced during the crisis. As we are aware with the quote that “there is no use of talking about problems unless you talk about the solution for that”. Therefore leaders and experts around the world are calling for a profound systematic shift to more sustainable economy that focuses on both people and planet.   The main aim of writing this article is to mention all those opportunities which we can carry in the post covid-19 era. We must ensure the lessons are learned during this pandemic should make us more sensible towards forming the policies for upcoming future as this pandemic has given a strong message to focus more about people and planet. Although we have seen significant challenges in the past few months therefore we need to grab these opportunities to get the country on the same track and make it more developed than before. We have discussed various constructive through which we can shift towards the sustainable economy system.


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