Another Pain by another Stain in the Society – Domestic violence

Kritika Mundra
Amity University, Kolkata, India

Volume II – Issue I, 2020

Domestic violence is a major concern of the country. Irrespective of where people live, such kind of violence has become prevalent in urban, rural and metropolitan areas. This kind of violence can be said to be physical, psychological as well as sexual. The primary reasons for the act of violence against a woman is the sociological and psychological behaviour. Poverty, Lack of job opportunities, drinking, dominating nature of the partner, economic hardships, are some of the main reasons. Dowry is also one of the basic and major concern of such kind of violence. Talking about the violence against husband in India, if we have a look in any legislation relating to domestic violence, there is no provision relating to the protection of husband against the physical, mental as well as mis-treatment by their wives or this in-law. We can say that the legislation is somewhat gender biased, as many women uses these legislations as a weapon to blackmail their husband and in-laws and threat them in doing something which may affect their reputation. Whenever there is a talk about domestic violence, we presume that it has to be done by a husband against their wives. But no one thinks of the opposite happening that is, the husband being tortured by the wife. In todays generation, we need to change our thinking and stop those woman who uses these protective legislation for their own benefit.


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