Human rights of Tribes and Indigenous People

Yashi Singh and Kshitij Agarawal
Bharati Vidyapeeth New Law College, Pune, India.

Volume II – Issue II, 2020

Indigenous people are someone who are living since time immemorial even before the colonisation and with the intention of fostering their culture and tradition and concomitantly bearing the despicable conditions forced upon them either by seizing their livelihood or treating them inhumanly. There are 750 million tribal groups around the world which are in the urgent need to get international attention simultaneously working on the implications of law.

This paper follows the methodological approach proving systemic violence against indigenous population. The article provides with the case studies of two countries which at present are facing the music. These countries are India and Guatemala. Further the authors have given their own analysis and recommendations which should get heed.

The protagonists of the article have also taken step to mention the NBA which is the biggest displacement project in the history of India and the whole project revolves around Adivasis who are the tribal groups of India. The paper also foresees the quandaries of Cameroon who are forced to evict their lands without their free and prior consent. People of Cameroon are killed by eco guarded who are funded by WWF.

Paper also put forth the problem of inter-tribal violence which is not addressed by any international instruments and need distinctive law on the same. Thus co-authors have tried to list every minute detail necessary for the readers to take cognizance of.

Keywords: Inhumaly, Cameron, Tribal, Displacements


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