Impact of Divorce on Children: A Critical Analysis

Mugdha Badge
Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur, India.

Volume II – Issue II, 2020

Modernization has made the unbreakable bond of sacred marriage open for divorce, leaving plenty of adverse effects on children. The research paper discovers impact of divorce on children, with special emphasis of psychological and social problems faced by them. Reasons for divorce largely affect the future life of children, which is analyzed in the research work. Most of the parents’ divorce because of their personal reasons, disregarding interest of their children who have to suffer for rest of their lives. The research paper revolves around children, whose parents are divorced and are living apart. Divorce of parents is the most heartbreaking situation for the child. The court of law has attempted to help such children, by developing new doctrines and implementing rules, which either reduce chances of divorce or ensure that child gets proper care and protection by both parents. Judgements by the Supreme Court and various High Courts are analyzed by the researcher, giving special notice towards the issue of custody of child. The research paper analyses the ‘doctrine of best interest of child’ and suggests for shared parental responsibility. The researcher concludes by suggesting increased application of alternate dispute resolution mechanisms in family matters, so that parties have a win-win situation in the judgement and preserving happy memories in life of children.


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