Incorporating Technology in Every Aspect of Legal Education

Mohammed Irshad and Divya S
The National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi, India.

Volume II – Issue II, 2020

In the current crisis, where the entire economy is in a standstill, appreciating, and incorporating new ideas to the legal education system has become imperative. And there is also another mandate that such new ideas should not truncate the importance of the existing pedagogical system. Technology is an enabling mechanism. It’s not an end in itself. It can be used effectively to enhance the standard of existing setups.

Authors herein are endeavouring to elaborate as to how we can incorporate technology in every aspect of legal education on the pretext of the current COVID 19 Crisis. We are trying to expound how technology can be utilized for continuing and improving legal education, which has halted at present. firstly, how virtual learning can be used to globalize legal education by replacing various activities like foreign exchange programs. secondly, how can technology be used for continuing clinical legal education? Thus, the authors herein, for that purpose, recommend an “In-house online live clinic” in the Universities. The authors further expound the viable option of conducting online moot courts and demonstrates how important it is to take forward the online platform to the future.

And finally, authors are also trying to explain the dwindling cost of legal education, when it is more technology-centred. We argue that technology linked legal education will decrease the cost associated with it, and urge for making productive use of the technology during this testing time and push forward the platform to the Post corona legal education. 

Keywords: Legal education, Pedagogy, technology, Cognitive learning skill, clinical legal education, cost of legal education


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