Is Conciliation a Best Alternative in ADR

Krishna Kishore Padala
Research Scholar, Department of Legal Studies, Andhra University, India.

Volume II – Issue II, 2020

Settlement Agreement executed between the questioning gatherings through Conciliation process has a similar status and impact as an Arbitral Award. All things considered, Conciliation guarantees fast and practical settlement of the debate not at all like court case and assertion. Assuagement can possibly bring such attractive results, which are constantly been missing, for example shielding the relationship and guaranteeing conclusiveness to the question. The main issue is its legitimate usage by the disputants to its latent capacity. The paper will dissect in subtleties and think about Conciliation component against court suit and discretion procedures with the goal that it’s shrouded worth can be disclosed.

Keywords: Dispute, Litigation, ADR, adversarial, Settlement, conciliation, arbitration, adjudicatory.


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