Judicial Killing: Justice or Judicial Murder

Dr. Ashu Dhiman
Assistant Professor, Centre for Legal Studies, Gitarattan International Business School, Affiliated to GGSIPU, India
Mr. Param Bhamra
Founding Partner at MediateGuru, India.

Volume III – Issue II, 2021

Capital Punishment is the most extreme penalty imposed on any offender for committing any heinous crime such as murder or waging war against India etc., India currently follows reformative theory of punishment where judiciary aims to do welfare of the accused and try to reform them into responsible members of the society, once they are out of prison. But, Death penalty links to the concept of deterrent and retributive theory, as it provides strictest punishment following the principle of “an eye for an eye”.

In this paper, authors focus and analyze the various reasons on whether the death penalty presents justice to the society or forces complete injustice to the accused. There are many arguments in favor and against providing death penalties; this paper concludes on whether there are enough “in favor” arguments which provide another person the authority to decide the fate of the accused.

Keywords: Human Rights, Violation, Convention, Rare, Justified


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