Climate Change and Pre-Paris Agreement International Legal Regime

  • Khushboo Rani
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  • Khushboo Rani

    student at KIIT School Of Law, India

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Climate change is an ongoing issue, people have been working and researching towards this, but still, we haven’t stabilised the emission levels. Every year, scientists report increasing water levels and melting of glaciers. Humans have been causing a warming trend over the years, happening at a very fast rate. Among other things, this phenomenon has caused our atmosphere to warm up and land and ocean temperatures. Earth-orbiting satellites have enabled scientists to take notice of these changes, which signal an impending change in the climate. Humans are responsible for global warming because there would be no such thing without human activity from 1950 onward - or so it seems when looking back on history with comprehensive data collected by satellites and cameras alike! This paper answers questions of relations of UN to the other climate change, the funds provided to achieve the goal, how are developing countries and developed countries helping each other out, what are the different laws and rules which oversee the working of the nations. It also traces the timeline of the Protocols, amendments and targets set by the UNFCCC.


Research Paper


International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 4, Issue 1, Page 667 - 672


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