Commercialisation of Environment: A Challenge for Degrading Values of Human Rights

  • Toshbant Raj
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  • Toshbant Raj

    Student at Central University of South Bihar, India

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Today Human Right is one of well accepted and advocated concern of every state in regards to communal well-being. Acknowledging by the fact that modern civil society concerned its individuals with fundamental social, political, economic, and environmental aspirations by turning to basic human rights that urged them to appear by demanding responsibility for all human beings, but this demand has been constrained by specific domains for manufacturing and economic realizations. The Champions of Human Rights have advanced instructions describing: “Human Rights an approach to egalitarianism.” Past two decades, the focus of national and international markets toward commercialisation of natural resource has posed a great challenge towards unification of human rights and sustainable development. They reinforce of basic human norms are considered to be best ways to support enhanced enterprise conductive. The new arenas of commerce have emerged, in part due to global environmental challenges and a response to growing criticism of the use of conventional natural resource conservation approaches. The industrialisation of fresh water, air, food and environment has posed a great threat towards the basic human rights values, intensifying the depth of social inequality. In India, till today the nation has encountered great social imbalances in just seventy years, this clinches a rational mind, either the arena of clean and free environment is accessible to every social being or is just another instrument to commercialise and valuate the Human Rights and values. The basic supposition is that the humans have certain absolute natural rights, but as per modern society are concerned even clean environment is labelled through diversified prices and brands in a way forward to inhibit the absolute profits. With respect to above resolution of this research paper the author will make a critical analysis to the instrument of social justice by a means of Human Rights and its modern day degrading values and commercialising.


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International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 3, Page 1060 - 1066


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