Critical Analysis of the Current Criminal Procedure in Sexual Offences

  • Anjana S and Meera Elsa George
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  • Anjana S

    LLM Student at Inter University Centre for IPR Studies, CUSAT, India

  • Meera Elsa George

    Advocate in India

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Man was not a civilized being in the beginning. He was unruly and rough. As civilisations grew, man transformed into a cultured being. The metamorphosis of human civilisations gave birth to the concept of law to regulate his activities. With the plethora of changes, differences and innovations, the world in itself transformed. With the world changing itself into the current modern-day society, countless changes in law have taken place. However, one question that poses in everybody’s mind is the effectiveness of the same. The current criminal procedure system faces large criticism from a lot of people. With the number of increasing sexual offences, it is imperative to bring in a better system to correctly handle it. Brutality of sexual offences is something that emotionally affects the society. When justice is delayed, the affected citizens become disappointed with the system and take matters into their own hands. The hope which people had on the system is being tarnished and it is destroying the law and order of the state. People have started violent methods for justice as they are getting impatient with the delay in the system. This could seriously affect the existence and functioning of the state machineries. The delay in executing law which was brought to regulate the citizens, is turning them against the system. Through this paper, we intend to analyse the reasons behind the delay in delivering justice to the victims of sexual offences. The system by itself is great and tries to incorporate all the fundamental principles of law. But the delay in the procedure makes the victim or aggrieved who is deprived of their rights so impatient that there is a widespread support for public execution of the convicts and violent punishments. It is high time we think about the ways to improve the criminal procedure system in order to enhance speedy delivery of justice. We are trying to examine the possibility of implementing an alternative criminal procedure by analysing the effectiveness of various international systems in delivering justice.


Research Paper


International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 5, Page 352 - 358


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