Custody Rights of an Illegitimate Child

  • Mallika A. Bhaskar
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  • Mallika A. Bhaskar

    Student at NMIMS School of Law, India

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Illegitimate means “something which is contrary to law”, the children are those that were not born to married parents. Even the statute has discriminated against them in certain cases and virtually any direction. Also, with the arrival of citizens who are forward-thinking who broad-minded and don't think of illegitimacy as a moral disgrace, the legislation can be modified accordingly. In family law, child custody describes lawful guardianship over a minor child. the care of their children is a critical issue for the women in abusive relationships Women have to live in terror of losing their children and bear all manner of abuse to prevent change. Previously, in the law, a parent was given precedence as the natural protector in these conditions in all circumstances. This still holds true for culture, meaning the wife is seen to be secondary to the partner, who is seen as being the legal head of the household. When making their way out of the matrimonial house, they are informed that they will be unable to be awarded custody of their baby, as well as faced with other problems, and are confronted with problems meeting them. To a degree, she is no longer seen as the country's natural protector because of the ongoing efforts of the women's movement.



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International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 3, Page 452 - 460


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