Development as Freedom

  • Ridham Jain,
  • Shruti Gupta and Shristy Jain
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  • Ridham Jain

    LL.M. Student at Jindal Global Law School, India

  • Shruti Gupta

    LL.M. Student at Jindal Global Law School, India

  • Shristy Jain

    LL.M. Student at Jindal Global Law School, India

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Over the centuries, there have been numerous hypotheses on development concurring to Amartya Sen, a 1998 Noble prize winner in Economics (on welfare economics and social choice theory and for the poorest) but contemporaneously, we are living in a world divided into two spheres: one of exceptional prosperity and another with unforeseen deprivation, pauperism and oppression. Dr. Sen has in his book titled ‘Development as Freedom’ linked development to expansion of freedoms of individuals through the lens of democracy, yet India juggles constantly between the development and democratic ideals. This work intends to highlight another perspective upon which development may be undertaken where democracy might not be taken granted for.


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International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 6, Page 146 - 150


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