Domicile of Dependents

  • Penmetsa Srihind
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  • Penmetsa Srihind

    Student at KIIT School of Law (KIIT Deemed to be University), India

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Generally Domicile means a permanent home or any place where the person has decided to reside with an intention to stay their permanently. It is an essential requirement that every person must have a domicile. Domicile is one of the concept under private international law. This Domicile helps in identifying a person where there is involvement of a foreign element and with a territory, that is subjected to a particular system of law i.e. his/her personal law. There are different types of domicile: domicile by origin, domicile by choice, domicile of dependency. In this article the author mentioned about who are dependent persons, and how the domicile of various categories of dependent persons is decided. The author has critically analysed the domicile of dependency as to how one’s domicile changes with the change of domicile of another person in certain situations with help of case laws discussed in this regard.


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International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 4, Page 338 - 342


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